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Why Kidworth? Why we did it Get started today!

Why did we, as parents, create Kidworth? And why do we give it to other parents for free?

We need a generation that is "financially enabled"

The U.S. economy is straining under the weight of mindless consumption. In a generation savings rates have plunged from 30% to near 0%. Disappearing savings is a contributing factor in numerous financial challenges, such as ballooning foreign debt, currency devaluation, our trade imbalance and collapsing credit markets. These issues affect economies and societies the world over.

We are builders by nature. We believe that we can teach the “Cradle to College” generation to be savers and investors, as well as intelligent consumers. Kidworth presents an easy system for kids and families to build a financial life.

Kidworth makes it easy to establish meaningful financial goals and helps kids experience the satisfaction of achieving those goals. It promotes longer-term planning and a psychology of success. We believe we can help kids become builders of long term value – that through Kidworth, young people can learn the rewards of saving and investing and smart consumption.

A generation financially enabled. We don’t have a generation to wait.

Kids Need a Financial Foundation

Most kids encounter significant assets during the cradle to college years. This comes in the form of gifts, allowance, earnings and other support. However, most kids reach adulthood with very little - no financial base, very little in the way of skills and poor habits and psychology about finances.

What happened to all those assets over all those years? Most gifts were forgotten and other resources consumed with no consideration for a kid’s long term needs or values.

We believe Kidworth can change that. By intelligent goal setting, we can make kids wiser consumers. Through goal achievement, we can breed a psychology of success. As kids build value, they will learn the skills of saving and investing.

Kidworth kids will transition into adulthood with a head start. They’ll have wiser consumption habits, a history of achievement and a financial foundation. A generation of kids financially enabled. What a gift to us as parents.

We As Parents Have an Obligation

Parents recognize that they have a duty to help their kids develop physically, intellectually and spiritually. We believe that we also owe it to our kids to help them develop skills to manage their financial lives. It is an important component of a successful life, and it has been left to chance for too long.

Kidworth is a system. It makes an important, somewhat confusing process rational. It is one ingredient in preparing our children to be successful, and it works.

We believe we owe Kidworth to our kids. And we owe it to yours.