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How it works smart spending & saving for a richer life Get started today!

Kidworth In a Nutshell

“The road to a richer future starts by getting started"

Kidworth is about using a kid’s income (from gifts, allowance and earnings) in productive ways.

Parents register a free account and set goals with kids (or for kids, depending upon their age) and share those goals with the people in their kid’s life. (Kidworth has tools to help with sharing).

When events occur where the kid would receive gifts, earn allowance or earnings from chores or jobs, that “income” can be applied toward the kid’s goals.

Setting & Sharing Goals

Goals can be smart products, long term saving & investing or charitable giving. Kidworth has prebuilt goals identified by our Parents Council, or you can create your own.

Goals can be shared through party Invites or eCards built directly on Kidworth. Kidworth Invites and eCards include a link to your kid’s page, identifying the goals you’ve set. Therefore, recipients can support your kid’s goals by simple gift card purchase online. You can also share goals through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or by email.

Parent Control

You’ll receive email notice of any gift card purchases, and the gift will be recorded on Kidworth. You can withdraw the funds at any time. You can also track your kid’s own contributions to his/her goals.

Kidworth is totally free to parents and kids. Anyone can support your kid’s goals directly, for free. For those that purchase gift cards, there is a small service fee to cover credit card processing.

Building a Portfolio

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." - Yogi Berra

Kids can get fired up about earning, saving and smart spending. It starts with intelligent goal setting. Kidworth makes it easy with the Portfolio Builder.

Start by identifying one of your kids to start with. The Portfolio Builder will help you step by step. You can select from our catalog of Parent Approved goals or build your own. We encourage a balanced portfolio with Share, Spend and Save goals.

Once you’ve built a portfolio, share your kids page so that people in his/her life can help.

Your first step on your kid’s road to a richer life is setting goals. So get real about goals now.

Sharing A Kidworth Page

Kidworth Kids take action to build their own financial futures. But engaging the people in his/her life is important. Here’s how you share a kid’s page, to let people know what he/she is working towards. All free.

Birthday or Event Invite

Send Invites through Kidworth. Kidworth Invites include a link to your kid’s page, identifying his/her goals. If you haven’t built goals yet, the Invite process will help you do that.

When guests receive your Invite, they’ll know how to help. Guests can purchase gift cards to support any goal.

You can send a ‘Thank You’ note in a single click. Kidworth will store a permanent record of any gift so your kid can remember.

Gifts are a significant resource. Use an event as a way to get your kid’s financial future started.

Holiday eCard

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Send holiday greetings through Kidworth. Kidworth eCards include a link to your family’s page that lists your kids’ goals. If you haven’t built goals yet, the eCard process will help you do that for your kids, one at a time.

When your friends and family receive your holiday eCard, they’ll know what your kids are working towards and they can purchase gift cards to support any goal.

You can send a ‘Thank You’ note in a single click. Kidworth will store a permanent record of any gift so your kid can remember.

Knowing what to get kids as gift is a challenge. Kidworth makes it easy for the people in your life, while helping your kids.

Your kid’s Kidworth page identifies the goals he/she is working towards. You can share a link to that page by copying and pasting from your kid’s admin page, or by sharing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

People you share a link with can view your kid’s page and support any goal with a gift card purchase. (The page is viewable by those you share the link with).

Managing Funds in Kidworth

Proceeds from gift card purchases will be recorded and held in your account. Typically, funds are withdrawn once the goal is met (for example, to purchase the computer or fund the 529 account).

However, you can withdraw funds at any time.

Withdraw funds from your kids goal admin page to have a check mailed directly to you. As a parent, you manage the account on your kid’s behalf.

Soon Kidworth will have a variety of financial products so that funds can move directly into savings, brokerage and 529 accounts. Currently, Kidworth is focused on building value for kids through intelligent use of their income. Get Started