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About A team dedicated to helping kids financially Get started today!

About Us. And You.

“We aren't just a company, we are parents first."

We’re the Kidworth team.

We’re parents.

We’re dedicated to our children. We get up early, try to get our kids to eat right and comb their hair and get to school on time.

We are a little too rushed most of the time. We struggle to get everything done during the day, and when we tuck our kids in at night, we can’t believe another day of their young lives has passed. We realize that the days are long and the years are short.

We love our kids. We try to help them succeed emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. When it comes to helping them build their financial lives, we were confused.

We’re probably a lot like you.

The Birth of An Idea

Kidworth was born at a 5yr old child’s birthday party and grew up at Harvard Business School.

Our founder tells the story:

“One Saturday morning I was taking my son to a classmate’s birthday party. As usual, on the way there we went to the toy store in our small town for a gift, where I bumped into several other parents going to the same party. We all arrived with a toy, which was enthusiastically unwrapped then placed in a pile. One dad pointed out that the pile represented $600 of plastic that would soon end up in a landfill, and the kid would not remember the gifts or who they were from. Not very satisfying for the kid or the gift giver – or very good for society.

At that moment I realized we had to do better for our kids. There had to be a way to make gifts more beneficial and long lasting -- to teach kids something with our gifts and support other than consumption and waste. And there had to be a way to make supporting the kids in our lives easier and more rewarding. An idea was born.

Later, while I was at Harvard Business School, I had the opportunity to present a business idea to my classmates. I told the story about that birthday party. Some of the smartest folks I ever met were in that room and a lot of them were parents. They got it. But they felt Kidworth could do more. We had to build a system that was simple. It had to teach kids responsibility and encourage them to work towards their own goals. It also should focus on developing long term responsibility and financial skills. As a result of this session at HBS, Kidworth grew up.”

We’ve given Kidworth to our kids. We’ve seen what it does for them. We’re proud to share Kidworth with other parents. Together, we can build a generation of kids with better skills and values about their financial lives.

Our Team

Rudy DeFelice, Founder

Rudy is one of 4 children that grew up in a small town in New England. He had his first job at 10, delivering the local paper. By age 11, he had taken over as the delivery boy for all three regional newspapers. He worked on a farm, painted houses and played sports. He was the first kid in his family to go to college. He eventually graduated from Law and Business school.

He is the proud father of 3 great kids – two boys and a lovely girl recently adopted from Pune, India. The DeFelice kids work for their allowances and are carrying on the entrepreneurial tradition in the family, proposing jobs and negotiating fees. They have an active role in their financial future and support various charitable causes with their own money. They’re all Kidworth Kids, with a head start in their financial lives.

Rudy was a corporate lawyer for many years at McDermott, Will & Emery and Kelley Drye, two premier international law firms, before taking a sabbatical to explore what he wanted to do with his professional life. At the end of that sabbatical, he founded Practice Technologies, Inc., a VC-backed software and internet information company based in Los Angeles. He left PTI after 9 years as CEO and founded Kidworth.

He sits on several corporate boards and is an active investor and supporter of growing companies. He graduated from Harvard Business School and The University of Connecticut School of Law, and lives in Pacific Palisades, California, with his wife Wendy (an attorney and founder of a foundation that is building schools for destitute children) and their 3 kids.

Michael Hayes, VP Product Engineering

Michael is the father of two energetic boys and an avid sports enthusiast. He has a long history in technology and social media. Most recently, as the VP of Engineering for Blockbuster’s OnDemand group, Michael oversaw the delivery of all digital initiatives, including downloading and streaming to PC’s, Web-enabled TV’s, handheld devices, set-top boxes and more. Michael’s primary focus was balancing the day-to-day needs of the Product and Marketing teams with the long-term strategic and architectural needs of the Technology department.

Prior to Blockbuster, Michael served as the VP of Engineering for Movielink, where he managed the delivery of all Movielink software. His responsibilities included release planning, scope management, staffing and all other aspects of software development related to the various Movielink systems and subsystems.

Michael has built and launched Internet-based initiatives since 1996. He began working in digital media when he joined Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2001. Before Sony, Michael served as a lead developer at Viant Corporation where he managed teams of developers on various projects including Robert Half International and LivePlanet. Before entering the digital media field, Michael served as a senior developer at Washington Square Associates, where he developed web-based systems for various areas of the Department of Defense including, National Missile Defense and Ballistic Missile Defense.

Michael holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo.

Bill Gausman

From the Internet's untamed beginnings to the latest new media industries, Bill Gausman has helped to shape the technological triumphs of numerous online entities in the greater Los Angeles area. In his 20 years of experience, he has filled a variety of business functions in everything from idealistic Web startups to heavy-hitting online goliaths. He has managed teams from seven to 50 people with equal command and efficacy — however, he is most proud of his entrepreneurial savvy and familiarity with the challenges of smaller organizations, which helps him to expertly navigate the legal and compliance issues of small businesses in California. Bill has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.